Can Pet Rats Eat Dairy? (Milk, Cheese, Cream Cheese)

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Rats are incredibly famous for eating cheese. But can, and more importantly, should they eat cheese and other dairies? Pet rats are generally lactose intolerant. However,  it can be an occasional treat if they react positively to dairy. Dairy products are still very fatty, so it’s not a treat that should be given too frequently …

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Can I Feed My Rat Baby Food? What Kind Is Safe?

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Rats are opportunistic omnivores, which means they eat both meat and plants. They will eat practically anything if offered or if they are curious enough, and that includes baby food. Baby food is an excellent and safe occasional treat for your pet rat. Not only that, it’s a wonderful reward for pet rat training. Just …

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Can Pet Rats Eat Lemon? (Seeds, Juice, Other Citrus)

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Some individuals believe that giving lemon to your little furry friend is healthy, while some disagree. But can pet rats eat lemon? In general, pet rats should not have lemon or any other citrus in any form. Pet rats will suffer consequences such as weight loss and lack of physical strength by ingesting certain citrus …

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