13 Pet Rat Accessories For Your Rat And Cage!

13 Pet Rat Accessories For Your Rat And Cage Thumbnail

Pet rats are very active, so it’s more than natural that their home needs lots of accessories and supplies. Beds, hammocks, bridges, toys and many others are a must to keep their surroundings entertaining and interesting. When we first started researching about owning pet rats we realized there are quite a lot of things we …

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Is Your Pet Rat Yawning A Lot? Here’s Why!

Is Your Pet Rat Yawning A Lot Thumbnail

You might notice your pet rats yawning a lot. This is a fairly common behavior, especially if they’ve just woke up! There is no reason to worry. Although if you notice they do it all the time, maybe offer them some more entertainment, like toys and games! It can also happen a lot if they’re …

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Are Pet Rats Quiet? (Day And Night)

Are Pet Rats Quiet During The Day And Night - Thumbnail

When thinking about getting pet rats, a common question is if pet rats are quiet, both during the day and night. This is something very important to know, especially if you live in an apartment where loud noises might prove to be a problem. Some people are also very sensitive to noise and might prefer …

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