Are Pet Rats Smart? More Than You Think!

Are Pet Rats Smart - Pet rats are smarter than most people think, they can learn a lot in their short lifespan! Here's what you should know.

A lot of people think that pet rats aren’t very smart since they are pretty tiny pets. But, unlike some parts of their rodent family like hamsters and mice, they are quite smart! In fact, they can be taught a lot in a pretty small timespan. Are pet rats smart? Yes. Pet rats are very …

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Can Pet Rats Make You Sick? What You Need To Know

Can Pet Rats Make You Sick - These adorable rodents actually don't carry a lot of diseases that hurt humans, but there are exceptions!

Pet rats are starting to be a common and lovable pet to own. But there’s still a misconception that rats will transmit all kinds of diseases and will make us sick! It is understandable that people will worry about this issues. None of us want to bring any kind of dangerous diseases home that will …

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Average Pet Rat Size (With Images)

Average Pet Rat Size - Pet rats come in many shapes and sizes! Here's what you need to know.

A pet rat’s size can vary, this is not up to the breed though. Just like people, they just come in different sizes. I’ve seen rather small or average size pet rats, but also very big ones! On average, the size of an adult pet rat is 9 to 10 inches ( 22.86 to 25.4 …

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Can Rats Eat Grapes Safely As A Treat?

Can Pet Rats Eat Grapes - Find out how to give grapes to your pet rats!

Once in a while, we want to give our pet rat companions some fresh treats like grapes, and wonder if it really is safe for them. Fruit and vegetables are always a common sight in our fridge. But which ones are good for our pet rats and which aren’t? Most of them should be safe, …

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