Can Rats Eat Grapes Safely As A Treat?

Once in a while, we want to give our pet rat companions some fresh treats like grapes, and wonder if it really is safe for them. Fruit and vegetables are always a common sight in our fridge. But which ones are good for our pet rats and which aren’t? Most of them should be safe, but still, we like to be sure.

Are grapes a safe fruit to give to your pet rats? Yes! Grapes are a very healthy and fresh treat for your pet rat.

But, of course, like everything, it should be given to them in moderation.

Benefits of Grapes for Pet Rats

We’ve decided that yes, grapes are great for pet rats. Grapes are high in vitamins and minerals, essential for your ratties nutrition. Among these, we can find Vitamin C, K, and B12 as well as copper and potassium!

Grapes are also antioxidant and contain fiber, that supports a good digestive system. Red grapes are especially good for our little rodents since they are known to have anti-carcinogenic effects!

Grapes have lots of benefits for pet rats! But you should still be careful giving grapes to your pets.

However, we shouldn’t give them grapes in high amounts or daily. Although they are a healthy treat, too much of anything will be bad for your pet rat.

Grapes are high on sugar as well and it is worth to note that too many grapes can cause diarrhea to your little companion. So maybe one grape per rat, once in a month or every two weeks should be a good number!

Remember that your ratties will take anything sweet at any time. Unless you have a picky rat, they’ll eat anything that’s in front of them. And since grapes tend to be very sweet, then chances are they’ll eat as many as you offer.

That’s why it’s up to us to control the quantities and the quality of their food.

Overall, grapes, even if you give them whole and with skin, are safe for your pet rat. The only thing you should be careful is how you clean them. Grapes, just like any other fruit or vegetable can have some pesticides, especially if they’re not organic.

Now, I’m not saying that you specifically need to buy organic fruit and veggies. But a good cleaning and washing is always important, both for us and our rodent friends!

How To Prepare Grapes For Your Pet Rats

As I mentioned, giving a whole grape to your pet rat is perfectly ok. It actually gives them some exercise and stimulation to their brains. Rats like puzzles and food can become puzzles and games as well!

On the other hand, you might also want to make things easier for your pet rat. Or they might prefer to jump into the juice part right away. So you can also cut the grapes in half and give it to them.

Take also this time to teach them a trick or two. Train them to know their name and come to you when you call. In exchange for a job well done, give them the half grape you have ready!

Now, seeds or even the skin can be choking hazards for your pet rats. They’re very smart though. They’ll usually leave the skin behind and eat only the juicy part. The same goes for the seeds. Our ratties won’t be too interested in them and leave them.

But, if you’re afraid that your companion might choke, you can always peel the grapes and take the seeds out before giving it to them. Buying seedless grapes is also an option! I feel that, for a healthy pet rat, it is good for them to scavenge their food and leave behind what they don’t like nor need.

As I mentioned, they’re very intelligent pets. But, if for some reason your pet is sick and as some difficulty to eat or if it’s really young, do take the seeds and skin out so it’s easier for them to eat, without any risk!

Can Rats Eat Raisins (Dried Grapes)?

Your pet rat can also definitely eat raisins!

The only precautions you should have about raisins is, again, they’re very high on sugar, just like fresh grapes and how sticky they can be.

Raisins seem to actually lower the cholesterol of pet rats! However, again, in moderation.

Now, onto the sticky problem. Sticky foods can be problematic for pet rats. If you give them the whole raisin, they can get stuck, causing your pet rat to choke. Rats can’t regurgitate, so if they choke, you should call or go to the veterinary as quick as possible.

If you give them sticky food in small pieces, they can also get stuck on their teeth and it’s difficult for your pet rats to clean them.

There are also different kinds of raisins and brands. Some are drier than others. If you do find those, they are a safer treat for your companion. They are indeed good for your pet rat, but I always prefer to stick with fresh grapes!

Besides, no one at home is a big fan of raisins, so that’s something we rarely have around here.

Can Rats Eat White Grapes?

Red or white grapes are safe for your pet rat!

Peeled or not, they’ll make a delicious treat for them. Now it just depends on their taste. Your rattie might prefer the red ones to the white, for example.

Just like us, each rat as their own personality and so, their own tastes.

Our ratties usually eat the red grapes more often than white, mostly because we like the first ones better. So these are the ones that we usually have at home.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of grapes you have at home, both of them will be good and safe for your pet rat!

Can Rats Eat Grape Skin and Seeds?

As I mentioned before, pet rats will usually leave the skins and seeds behind and eat only the juicy part.

We usually take off the seeds, just to be on the safe side. As for the skin, I always find it scattered through the cage for me to clean up.

Rats have a sweet tooth, so they’ll relish themselves on the sweetest parts of the grapes and leave the rest. It is the same with tomatoes and every other fruit and vegetable with skin or seeds, really!

Nevertheless, both the skin and the seeds can be choking hazards and if you prefer to not give it to them, it’s fine as well.

Just take the skin off the grapes as well as the seeds and then give your pet rats their delicious treat!

My Rat Ate A Seed – What Should I Do?

Don’t panic.

If you opt to give your pet rats a whole grape, chances are that if they ate a seed, you won’t even notice! The seeds are usually rather small. Plus pet rats use their hands and teeth a lot while eating.

This means that while your rattie is eating, they’re investigating their food and nibbling on it, eating the food in small bites.

But if it does happen, keep an eye on them!

If your pet rat is choking, he or she will show some signs. For example, they’ll have trouble breathing. They’ll probably cower a lot and their fur might also look very fuzzy.

Your rattie will also be very lethargic, probably moving from one place to another, very slowly, because they’re not feeling comfortable.

These are usually the signs to look for when your pet rat isn’t feeling good. If you do notice them, call your usual vet, take it to them or a 24h hospital.

They’ll know what to do and will teach how to deal with the situation, if it so happens again!

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Can Pet Rats Eat Grapes - It mostly depends on the part of the grape! They are a delicious treat for pet rats.