The Best Books On Pet Rats For You (Listed!)

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Rats are intelligent, social, and affectionate animals that make great companions. However, caring for them can be challenging if you don’t have the right knowledge and resources. That’s where a good pet rat care book comes in handy. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of owning a rat as a pet, what you need …

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Can Pet Rats Eat Dairy? (Milk, Cheese, Cream Cheese)

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Rats are incredibly famous for eating cheese. But can, and more importantly, should they eat cheese and other dairies? Pet rats are generally lactose intolerant. However,  it can be an occasional treat if they react positively to dairy. Dairy products are still very fatty, so it’s not a treat that should be given too frequently …

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9 Best Rat Litter And Litter Boxes (Safe And Durable)

Even though they are scavengers by nature, rats make excellent pets with an exceptional capability to be trained, maintained, and socialized. Giving them the proper litter setup and training them to use it properly are some of the many aspects required to maintain pet rats’ hygienic habitat. To get you started in your search for …

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What Are Dwarf Rats? Do They Make Good Pets?

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If you’ve heard of a dwarf rat, then you’re likely wondering what they are, how they differ from most other rats, and why they’re increasing in popularity. Surprisingly, dwarf rats are quite a recent discovery. They’re often confused with mice, but they have the genetic DNA of a rat. Dwarf rats are rats that have …

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11 Best Pet Rat Toys (With Easy DIY Options!)

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Every pet owner wants to give all the joys and privileges to their treasured furry friend. Rat guardians are no different. These small, fluffy, and inquisitive beings are always up for a challenge. And keeping up with their never-ending energy is quite a difficult task! This is where having the right kind of toys can …

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13 Pet Rat Accessories For Your Rat And Cage!

13 Pet Rat Accessories For Your Rat And Cage Thumbnail

Pet rats are very active, so it’s more than natural that their home needs lots of accessories and supplies. Beds, hammocks, bridges, toys and many others are a must to keep their surroundings entertaining and interesting. When we first started researching about owning pet rats we realized there are quite a lot of things we …

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