Can Rats Eat Grapes Safely As A Treat?

Can Pet Rats Eat Grapes - Find out how to give grapes to your pet rats!

Once in a while, we want to give our pet rat companions some fresh treats like grapes, and wonder if it really is safe for them. Fruit and vegetables are always a common sight in our fridge. But which ones are good for our pet rats and which aren’t? Most of them should be safe, …

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Can Pet Rats Swim?

Can Pet Rats Swim - It mostly depends on the rat, but there are ways to teach them to swim!

You might have wondered already if pet rats can swim. My ladies were never too fond of water. I tried to introduce it to them in different ways, but they’ve always been too shy. But, that doesn’t mean it’s the same for every rat! Can pet rats swim? Yes! Rats will very easily and naturally …

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Are Your Pet Rat’s Eyes Boggling And Shaking?

Are Your Pet Rats Eyes Boggling And Shaking - Find out the reason why!

If you’ve seen your pet rat’s eyes shaking and boggling you might have wondered if there was something wrong with your rat. Maybe it was just your imagination! It wasn’t. It did happen and it is fairly normal. There’s no need to worry, pet rats tend to do this quite often and is in no …

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Do Pet Rats Bite You? Reasons And Risks

Do Pet Rats Bite You - A pet rat can bit you now and then, but there are reasons for it! Find out more on my post on Rodent Friends

Pet rats are usually very peaceful and won’t bite unless threatened. To be honest, my pet rats NEVER bit me or anyone they interacted with. But there are always exceptions, for example, if you have a very aggressive pet rat or one that has been brought from an abusive pet owner. Do pet rats bite? …

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Do Pet Rats Recognize Their Owner?

Do Pet Rats Recognize Their Owner - There are several ways pet rats recognize their owner, here are some of them!

When pet rats are familiar with someone, they’ll know and recognize their owner! Not only pet rats but wild rats as well. Usually through smell and sound. So, do pet rats recognize their owner? Yes. Rats will recognize their owner and will actively search for them! They enjoy spending time and make a connection with …

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How Many Pet Rats Should You Have?

How Many Pet Rats Should You Get - It always depends on a few factors, so let's talk about them!

The number of rats you should have is quite important. When I first started to think about getting pet rats, I’d find everywhere that you shouldn’t get only one. They’re very social and need company. Our company isn’t enough a lot of times. So how many pet rats should you have? At least 2 rats. …

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Can Rats Eat Tomatoes Safely?

Can Rats Eat Tomatoes - Some parts are very good for them! Others, not so much, find out more!

If you’re wondering if you can give tomatoes to your pet rat, you’ve come to the right place. I always have tomatoes at home. Both me and my partner like to eat them with anything. So, obviously, we hope that our ratties like them as well. Like any other food, we always check if they’re …

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Can Rats Eat Hamster Or Gerbil Food?

Can Rats Eat Hamster Food - Here's what you need to know at Rodent Friends!

Any pet store will sell hamster or guinea pig’s food, this doesn’t mean that pet rats should eat it. In my town, owning a pet rat is rare, but luckily the pet store is very flexible and will order pet rat food for us! Can rats eat Hamster or Gerbil food? Giving hamster, gerbil or …

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Are Pet Rats Nocturnal Or Diurnal?

Are Pet Rats Nocturnal Or Diurnal, here's what you need to know!

A very common question to ask when choosing pet rats as new companions is if they are Nocturnal or Diurnal. We’ve researched a lot about this when we were choosing a new pet! So are pet rats nocturnal or diurnal? Pet Rats are Nocturnal. They can adjust their schedule, though, according to the owner, but …

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