Should I Get A Pet Rat From A Store? Is It Safe?

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Undoubtedly the most accessible rats are those from pet stores. But is getting rats from a pet store the best option? A pet store can not be the same as a breeder when it comes to obtaining rats. You can’t predict anything about your rat’s past, so it’s a risky venture. In addition, the funds will help these organizations that …

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What Are Dwarf Rats? Do They Make Good Pets?

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If you’ve heard of a dwarf rat, then you’re likely wondering what they are, how they differ from most other rats, and why they’re increasing in popularity. Surprisingly, dwarf rats are quite a recent discovery. They’re often confused with mice, but they have the genetic DNA of a rat. Dwarf rats are rats that have …

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How Big Can A Rat Get? (Dumbo, Wood Rat, Packrat, Others)

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Rats are one of the most resilient animals on earth. They survived mass extinctions, ice ages, atomic bombs, and the modern world’s ever-changing climate. Owing to their relatively small size and flexible bone structure, they can squeeze through some surprisingly tight spaces where they hide and reproduce prolifically. When thinking of getting a pet rat, …

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11 Best Pet Rat Toys (With Easy DIY Options!)

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Every pet owner wants to give all the joys and privileges to their treasured furry friend. Rat guardians are no different. These small, fluffy, and inquisitive beings are always up for a challenge. And keeping up with their never-ending energy is quite a difficult task! This is where having the right kind of toys can …

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Why Is My Rat Bouncing? Zoomies, Popcorning, and Vibration!

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How many of you start jumping like a child in your happiest moments? Just like that, rats have the ability to jump around, exhibit popcorn behavior, and run like crazy in their surroundings. You could be worried if you observe your rat hopping around if you’re an inexperienced rat parent. You will question yourself, “why is my …

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