Are Pet Rats Quiet? (Day And Night)

Are Pet Rats Quiet During The Day And Night - Thumbnail

When thinking about getting pet rats, a common question is if pet rats are quiet, both during the day and night. This is something very important to know, especially if you live in an apartment where loud noises might prove to be a problem. Some people are also very sensitive to noise and might prefer …

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Are Pet Rats Smart? More Than You Think!

Are Pet Rats Smart - Pet rats are smarter than most people think, they can learn a lot in their short lifespan! Here's what you should know.

A lot of people think that pet rats aren’t very smart since they are pretty tiny pets. But, unlike some parts of their rodent family like hamsters and mice, they are quite smart! In fact, they can be taught a lot in a pretty small timespan. Are pet rats smart? Yes. Pet rats are very …

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Can Pet Rats Make You Sick? What You Need To Know

Can Pet Rats Make You Sick - These adorable rodents actually don't carry a lot of diseases that hurt humans, but there are exceptions!

Pet rats are starting to be a common and lovable pet to own. But there’s still a misconception that rats will transmit all kinds of diseases and will make us sick! It is understandable that people will worry about this issues. None of us want to bring any kind of dangerous diseases home that will …

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