Is Your Pet Rat Yawning A Lot? Here’s Why!

You might notice your pet rats yawning a lot. This is a fairly common behavior, especially if they’ve just woke up! There is no reason to worry. Although if you notice they do it all the time, maybe offer them some more entertainment, like toys and games!

It can also happen a lot if they’re trying to adjust their schedules to yours. Again, there’s no need to worry, since they’ll be back to normal in a few days.

Why is your pet rat yawning? Pet rats yawn just like we do. They’ll usually do this when they wake up, along with some stretching! This can also mean they feel safe around you.

But we’re going to talk a little bit more about yawning and other curiosities, so you can feel at ease!

What Does It Mean For A Pet Rat To Yawn?

Yawning is something very common for us to do. We do it when we’re tired and other times when we just woke up. Well, the same goes for pet rats! Most of the times, pet rats yawn when waking up.

This comes accompanied by some stretching. Our girls do a very funny thing, where they come to the entrance of the cage, stretch one of their arms and yawn.

It’s almost like they’re greeting us! In fact, some studies also suggest that this can be considered as a greeting between rats and humans.

If you notice your rodent friends yawning, don’t worry, because this is actually a very good thing! I’ve mentioned this in other posts, but rats are prey animals. This means that they’re always alert about the dangers around them.

When a pet rat yawns in their cage, or when near to their owner, they’re basically showing you how much they trust you and feel comfortable around you! This means they feel very safe in their home!

So all in all, pet rats yawning is a very positive thing, because that means they don’t feel threatened. They feel very much at home and trust you!

Albino pet rat in the post about yawning pet rats

Since pet rats are very nervous animals, it is very important to make sure they feel relaxed and comfortable. There are many ways to create a good and safe environment for them, but most important, let them take their time!

When bringing them home, let them roam about their cage freely and get acquainted with it. Let them come to you, instead of coming to them. For example, sit next to their cage in a way that they can reach and climb onto you.

Once your rodent friend is used to their home and yourself, you’ll see they’ll have no problems greeting you with a yawn!

Is Yawning Related To Bruxing And Boggling?

Not really. Bruxing and Boggling are very different from yawning. Both can occur at the same time though!

Bruxing and boggling are associated with a pet rat feeling safe and happy. This means that if they’re getting pets while relaxing on your lap, they can start boggling their eyes and bruxing while yawning.

You can’t have a happier pet rat! Once pet rats get used to being handled, they’ll love to join you on the sofa, for some grooming and even naps. Take this time to give them some well-deserved pets, because they’ll love it!

If they start bruxing and boggling, don’t worry, as long as their body is relaxed and they make no notion to move away, it means they’re happy.

There isn’t really much to say about pet rats yawning, all you need to know is it’s super normal and cute!

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