Can Pet Rats Eat Lemon? (Seeds, Juice, Other Citrus)

person holding a pet rat

Some individuals believe that giving lemon to your little furry friend is healthy, while some disagree. But can pet rats eat lemon? In general, pet rats should not have lemon or any other citrus in any form. Pet rats will suffer consequences such as weight loss and lack of physical strength by ingesting certain citrus …

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9 Best Rat Litter And Litter Boxes (Safe And Durable)

Even though they are scavengers by nature, rats make excellent pets with an exceptional capability to be trained, maintained, and socialized. Giving them the proper litter setup and training them to use it properly are some of the many aspects required to maintain pet rats’ hygienic habitat. To get you started in your search for …

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Should I Get A Pet Rat From A Store? Is It Safe?

Should I Get A Pet Rat From A Store Thumbnail

Undoubtedly the most accessible rats are those from pet stores. But is getting rats from a pet store the best option? A pet store can not be the same as a breeder when it comes to obtaining rats. You can’t predict anything about your rat’s past, so it’s a risky venture. In addition, the funds will help these organizations that …

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What Are Dwarf Rats? Do They Make Good Pets?

What Are Dwarf Rats Thumbnail

If you’ve heard of a dwarf rat, then you’re likely wondering what they are, how they differ from most other rats, and why they’re increasing in popularity. Surprisingly, dwarf rats are quite a recent discovery. They’re often confused with mice, but they have the genetic DNA of a rat. Dwarf rats are rats that have …

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How Big Can A Rat Get? (Dumbo, Wood Rat, Packrat, Others)

How Big Can A Rat Get Thumbnail

Rats are one of the most resilient animals on earth. They survived mass extinctions, ice ages, atomic bombs, and the modern world’s ever-changing climate. Owing to their relatively small size and flexible bone structure, they can squeeze through some surprisingly tight spaces where they hide and reproduce prolifically. When thinking of getting a pet rat, …

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