Your Pet Rat Escaped? Here’s What To Do!

Your Pet Rat Escaped Thumbnail

Your pet rat escaped? Don’t worry, everything’s gonna be fine. Pet rats are sneaky little creatures and will take any occasion to escape. It’s normal, they’re curious and want to explore new places. But we’ll help you get your rodent friend back home! The best way to bring your pet rat back is by trying …

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9 Fun Games To Play With Your Pet Rat!

Two Pet Rats Playing Together

Pet rats love playing, puzzles, and games. They’re very active and actually need that kind of activity to stay happy! Different games are also a perfect opportunity to strengthen the bond with your pet rats. In this article, we’re gonna go over some games and activities that you can teach or provide to your rodent …

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How To Travel With A Pet Rat On A Plane (Guide)

How To Travel With A Pet Rat On A Plane Thumbnail

Flying with a pet rat on a plane might not be as common as with other pets, but it is possible! Most of the airlines, unfortunately, will not allow pet rats in the cabin, but you can bring them as cargo or even use their live cargo shipping programs. All of this might sound very …

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