Can Rats Eat Hamster Or Gerbil Food?

Can Rats Eat Hamster Food - Here's what you need to know at Rodent Friends!

Any pet store will sell hamster or guinea pig’s food, this doesn’t mean that pet rats should eat it. In my town, owning a pet rat is rare, but luckily the pet store is very flexible and will order pet rat food for us! Can rats eat Hamster or Gerbil food? Giving hamster, gerbil or …

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Are Pet Rats Nocturnal Or Diurnal?

Are Pet Rats Nocturnal Or Diurnal, here's what you need to know!

A very common question to ask when choosing pet rats as new companions is if they are Nocturnal or Diurnal. We’ve researched a lot about this when we were choosing a new pet! So are pet rats nocturnal or diurnal? Pet Rats are Nocturnal. They can adjust their schedule, though, according to the owner, but …

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